EverySense, the Iot Platform Service

●It isn’t necessary to have a method to collect data or develop your own infrastructure to collect IoT data.
●Personal information is NOT transferred to the requestors, and sensitive data which may identify an individual is masked or shaded. (Relief and safety)
●In the future,We are planning sale of sensor nodes which have the module structure in order to optimize.

PLAYR(Market participant)

    Farm Owners are data providers who possess smart mobile devices and/or sensor devices and would agree to offer their data to people who need the data.
    The merit
    Farm Owners can receive points once they transfer enough data based on the conditions established by the data requestors (aka Restaurant Owners).
    Restaurant Owners are EverySense users who would like to collect sensor and/or IoT device data.
    The merit
    Restaurant Owners will be able to collect data easily and efficiently from a range of EverySense data providers (aka Farm Owners) who agree to provide their data in the way you requested.
    Device vendors are manufacturers that produce sensors and/or IoT devices.
    The merit
    Using our SDK and/or API, your devices can participate in the Everysense ecosystem, thereby adding value to your products.

EverySense server’s functions

  • Function01Interconnection for which don’t depend on a device
    各メーカーは、機器情報を登録するだけで、製品をEverySence対応による付加価値up ユーザーは、EverySence対応の各種機器を利用することで、ビッグデータを相互に利用可能

    A manufacturer just registers equipment information, and a product will be EverySense correspondence, and an additional value improves.
    Users can use bigdata mutually by using an EverySense correspondence product

  • Function02The construction of the information’s ownership,
    the value’s distribution and and privacy
    • データ提供者、データ利用者ともに約款に合意
    • データ提供範囲を提供者自らが指定可能
    • データ利用条件を通知

  • Function03Point giving
    情報提供/報酬の獲得/登録料・使用料無料 情報提供/報酬の提供/受信料支払(登録料無料)


  • Function04Assesment of user and function of practical use facilitation.
    • 提供可能データの最新情報をアドバタイズ
    • 供給希望データと条件のアドバタイズ
    • 利用ランキング、評価ランキングの提供

An bargaining point

Farm Owners(Data Providers)

range of use Open / Certificated users only
location information Pinpoint
 ・GPS, Latitude/Longitude
 ・zip code
 ・Names of cities, towns, and villages
Value free / charge

Restaurant Owners(Data Requesters)

Data types Environmental data
 ・temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure 
 ・Wind power, Wind direction, Radiological dosage
Healthcare data
 ・Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Heart rate
Transfer data
 ・migration length, migraton speed
 ・Geographic, Temporal
Compensation free / gift / Purchase

Smartphone Application “ESPost”

Accelerometer(加速度センサー)ユーザーの活動量 Gyroscoope(ジャイロセンサー) スマホの持ち方 方位(磁力センサー) デバイスが向いている方位 StepCounter 歩数をカウントする MonitorActivity 走っているか歩いているか GPS 位置情報 磁力情報 デバイスのある地点での磁力情報

ES Post is the smart phone application Every Sense offers.
It becomes possible by ES Post that the users offer the sensor data smart phone(the acceleration, the angular speed, direction, the number of steps, motion activity, position information and magnetic force information) has to a person who needs the data by the doing management and choice.
A supplier can establish opening to the public of personal information or closure of the name, the address and occupation small about a data offer.
Data suppliers can judges the use purpose of the data user, and to decide about offer pros and cons any time.
You just download ES Post, and it’ll be possible to be a data supplier immediately. And
Finally,Your data is offered to the data users safely, and new value-added sharing is achieved.