Small, General-Purpose Environmental Sensors for Era of IoT and Big Data


EverySense has developed the EveryStamp as a reference device for collecting various sensor data to drive and create a momentum of IoT market.
“EveryStamp” is a small, general-purpose, and networked environmental sensor that can be used for the quick and simple collection of information via the internet from various environments in which we live. You can simply connect EveryStamp to the Internet and send sensor data. EveryStamp can be carried outside with you to the car or set it at home or anywhere you want.
EverySense also will provide Software Developer’s Kit so that a developer can connect different type of sensor(s) and introduce to the world.
EverySense will be able to offer new solutions for active data capture by covering new ground in sensor field.

Englishproduct page image

image highly diverse module designs

  •  Lower product costs by packaging specialized functions into modules
  • The system is optimal as communication, processing, sensoring, and power supplies are layered structure.
  • We can conbine several communication methods to match up client’s communication infrastructure, power supplies, or topology. (Wi-Fi, LTE, Ether, ZipBee, etc.)

image1 Software Developer’s Kit

  • We offer the Software Developer’s Kit. You can upload your own sensing data to EverySense server through EveryStamp.

image2 Rechargeable Battery


English EveryStamp Module