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Farm Owners are data providers who possess smart mobile devices and/or sensor devices and would agree to offer their data to people who need the data. Farm Owners can receive points once they transfer enough data based on the conditions established by the data requestors (aka Restaurant Owners). Farm Owners’ personal information is NOT transferred to the requestors, and sensitive data which may identify an individual is masked or shaded. Data you may send should be useful for somebody. For example, sensor data from your smart phones or sensors embedded in your living room would be good data sources.


Restaurant Owners are EverySense users who would like to collect sensor and/or IoT device data. If you use EverySense services, you don’t need to have a method to collect data or develop your own infrastructure to collect IoT data. Once you become a user of EverySense, you will be able to collect data easily and efficiently from a range of EverySense data providers (aka Farm Owners) who agree to provide their data in the way you requested. EverySense takes data privacy very seriously, so you don’t have to worry about personal information leakage when you use our services. You can harness the data to predict sales and forecast revenue, analyze future business scenarios more accurately.


Device vendors are manufacturers that produce sensors and/or IoT devices. Product differentiation may provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but it can be too costly and time consuming to change an existing design. It is where EverySense comes in. Using our SDK and/or API, your devices can participate in the Everysense ecosystem, thereby adding value to your products.